Monday, April 18, 2011

Things I'm LOVING....

1 - We find out tomorrow if gummy bear is a boy or a girl!  I CANNOT WAIT!! :)

2 - YUM!  I am addicted!!

3 - I got one of these for lunch today, and they are the best!  I'm so happy Zaxby's brought back the birthday cake milkshake.  If you have not had one, get one!
 4 - Old Navy Maternity!  This has been a saving grace!  I cannot fit into my normal pants anymore!  I finally went and got some maternity clothes from Old Navy! :)  I'm also loving the fact that Forever21 has maternity clothes too!

5 - The only picture on my computer that I could find of my daddy!  My daddy is doing so amazing after his surgery!  He is now home!  He's able to eat, walk, talk well.  I'm just glad he is back to his old self again!  Prayers are working.

6 - And of course my wonderful sisters!  I love them!  I don't know where I would be without them! This is the only picture I had of all three of us!  This is from a LONG time ago!!

So tell me... what are you LOVING?! :)

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