Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That Awful Awful Word...

I know I've been kinda slack in my blogging, but I promise promise promise to get better about it.  I have had a bunch of stuff go on in this past month.  I will do my pregnancy updates later, but this post is going to be a bit different.

Everyone is aware of this word.  Cancer.  No one likes it.  Everyone hates it.  I'm sure everyone has known someone with cancer.  My grandfather died from lung cancer when I was 11.  That killed me.  But you never think it could happen to one of your own parents.  My dad has recently been diagnosed with renal cancer.  This has killed me.  My dad is one of the few people that has always been in my life and has never let me down.  He has been my rock since I was born.  When I got that dreaded phone call from my mom, I just fell apart.  At that point, I didn't know the severity of it.  I just saw my world come crashing down.  The cancer was in his right kidney and the only way to tame it or get "rid" of it was to take the kidney out.  The good news about this is that they didn't think the cancer had spread anywhere else.  I'm so glad that they caught it early enough and that he has had regular check-ups with his doctor. 

So, as of yesterday my dad only has one kidney.  He had his surgery and everything went great.  They will be sending the kidney to the pathologist to look at the tumor.  They said no obvious cancer has spread anywhere else.  This is good news right?  Why do I keep worrying?  My dad is a complete rockstar (as my sister says).  He never gets sick.  But I guess it always happens to the ones that never get sick. 

I will continue to update about this and my pregnancy updates will return!  I promise!  I am no longer on hiatus.  I have returned.

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  1. I have been through the same thing with my step-dad. He actually had stage 4 and was not expected to live. Linds, give it to the Lord. It will always be the way he intends for it to be.
    I will keep you in my prayers. I know it is easy to say but hard to do but you need to keep it together for the baby and your pregnancy as best as you can.
    Please know that I am here if you need to talk! You can call or come by the daycare anytime! <3