Friday, September 16, 2011

Guess who.. ?

Guess who is already... 

 *after my first bath*

I cannot believe it's already been two weeks since my sweet boy has been born!  It's actually almost three weeks because I've waited until the last minute to post!  It's been a crazy two weeks trying to get used to having a newborn around.  All in all, it's been a good experience.  I just need him to start sleeping better at night!


Weight: 7lbs, 7oz (30th percentile)

Length:  20" (50th percentile)

Head:  13 3/4 (20th percentile)

Diaper size:  Was still in newborn diapers up until yesterday.  We decided to move him up to a size 1 because he kept leaking out of all of the newborn diapers!

Feedings:  I nurse usually during the day, and I pump for nighttime.  He usually eats about 3.5oz every 3 hours.  He's getting to be a little chunk!

Sleeping:  He sleeps okay.  He's usually up on the dot when it's time for him to eat.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we can establish some kind of routine with him.

His umbilical cord FINALLY came off the other night so he got to have his first bath!  He's a little wiggle worm so we had to be extra careful with him in the tub!  He did enjoy it though!

Lilly has adjusted very well to her brother being home.  She loves to be a big helper!  She is still doing wonderful in school!  

Happy Friday! :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Sweet Boy...

Bradford Russell, II "Brady" was born on Tuesday, August 30 via c-section.  He was 7lbs, 4oz and 19 inches long.  He is so perfect in every single way.  The c-section went great.  His weight dropped down to 6lbs, 11oz. When we left the hospital his weight was 6lbs, 12 oz.  The only complications we ran into was that Brady had jaundice.  His levels spiked up on the third day we were in the hospital.  He had to be under the bili lamp and this broke my heart.  He HATED it.  We were sent home Friday with a bili blanket for home.  We had to follow up with the doctor this past Sunday.  Not only did his levels drop, he was back up to 7lbs.  So, that made for a very happy mommy and daddy!

We are all adjusting very well at home.  Lilly loves helping me out with her brother and she is such a big help!  I think my hormones have calmed down just a wee bit, which is a very good thing.  I haven't really had much of an appetite since I've been home from the hospital.

Brady is eating about 3.5oz every 3 hours.  He is just now getting to where he is keeping his eyes open when he is awake.  He loves to look around!  Tomorrow is his 1 week check up and we are very anxious to see how much he has grown since we've been home!