Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter & Babies

As most of you know... our precious baby revealed its identity last Tuesday.  I have been meaning to update, but have just been super busy with a new job.  Details to come at the end of the post.. :) Well if you don't already know.. our baby....

 is a precious baby BOY!!!  You are probably wondering what's up with the Easter eggs?  Well since we found out so close to Easter, I had decided to get blue, pink, and yellow Easter eggs and fill them with jelly beans.  This was going to be our way of telling Lilly if she was going to have a brother or a sister.  Brad and I hid the eggs throughout the house and when was done finding all of them she had to open the yellow eggs.  The yellow eggs had the jelly beans in them.

This was right before she started to look...
Trying to find all of the eggs!  With a little help from Eddie!

Opening.. not quite there yet...

SO excited that she is going to have a baby brother!!! :)

Of course after my doctor's appointment last Tuesday, I had to start registering.  And I did buy him an outift.  I swore to myself that I wouldn't buy the baby anything until I knew what he/she was.

LOVE it!!!! 
So does baby have a name?  Why yes.. after much deliberation and after changing our minds thousands of times... Baby's name will be Bradford Russell, II "Brady."  Named after his daddy.  We were wondering what we could call him so it wouldn't be confusing with Brad.  Lilly thought of Brady! 

What's this new job you speak of?  Well..
It doesn't pay much..
I have my work cut out for me.. 
It's no 8 hour job.. 
I get to stay with this sweet face EVERY day...

So yes, I have joined the SAHM (or stepmommy) club.  I love it!!!  We decided that this would work out so much better for us right now!  I think we made the right choice!!! :) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  I will do my normal pregnancy update tomorrow!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Things I'm LOVING....

1 - We find out tomorrow if gummy bear is a boy or a girl!  I CANNOT WAIT!! :)

2 - YUM!  I am addicted!!

3 - I got one of these for lunch today, and they are the best!  I'm so happy Zaxby's brought back the birthday cake milkshake.  If you have not had one, get one!
 4 - Old Navy Maternity!  This has been a saving grace!  I cannot fit into my normal pants anymore!  I finally went and got some maternity clothes from Old Navy! :)  I'm also loving the fact that Forever21 has maternity clothes too!

5 - The only picture on my computer that I could find of my daddy!  My daddy is doing so amazing after his surgery!  He is now home!  He's able to eat, walk, talk well.  I'm just glad he is back to his old self again!  Prayers are working.

6 - And of course my wonderful sisters!  I love them!  I don't know where I would be without them! This is the only picture I had of all three of us!  This is from a LONG time ago!!

So tell me... what are you LOVING?! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

19 Weeks!

I've been kinda slack in posting about my little gummy bear, but here is what my belly looked like at 14 weeks and again at 18 weeks.  You can see the difference!

How far along?  19 weeks
Weight gain/loss: So far, it's about 8 pounds.  I know that I have gained more.  I eat all the time. 
Maternity clothes?   All I wear now is stretchy pants.  I have finally out grown my other pants! 
Stretch marks?  Nope! :) 
Sleep?  It's getting a whole lot better than it was.  I used to wake up about 3 times during the night.  But right now I wake up at least once.
Best moment last week?  Feeling the baby kick and the baby move!!  And FINALLY picking out names for the baby.  We have gone back and forth on soooo many! 
Food cravings:  I eat sweets all the time.  I LOVE pretzel m&ms.  I love fruit!  Anything sweet. 
Gender?  We find out Tuesday!!!!! YAY!!!!! 
Belly button in or out? Still in! 
Movement? Yes!  I am feeling the baby quite frequently now!  Makes me happy! 
What I miss? My normal self.  My hormones have been CRAZY!  I'm up and down it seems like.  Kinda stressful!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

**Please still keep my dad in your prayers!  He is making progress, but prayers are still needed! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That Awful Awful Word...

I know I've been kinda slack in my blogging, but I promise promise promise to get better about it.  I have had a bunch of stuff go on in this past month.  I will do my pregnancy updates later, but this post is going to be a bit different.

Everyone is aware of this word.  Cancer.  No one likes it.  Everyone hates it.  I'm sure everyone has known someone with cancer.  My grandfather died from lung cancer when I was 11.  That killed me.  But you never think it could happen to one of your own parents.  My dad has recently been diagnosed with renal cancer.  This has killed me.  My dad is one of the few people that has always been in my life and has never let me down.  He has been my rock since I was born.  When I got that dreaded phone call from my mom, I just fell apart.  At that point, I didn't know the severity of it.  I just saw my world come crashing down.  The cancer was in his right kidney and the only way to tame it or get "rid" of it was to take the kidney out.  The good news about this is that they didn't think the cancer had spread anywhere else.  I'm so glad that they caught it early enough and that he has had regular check-ups with his doctor. 

So, as of yesterday my dad only has one kidney.  He had his surgery and everything went great.  They will be sending the kidney to the pathologist to look at the tumor.  They said no obvious cancer has spread anywhere else.  This is good news right?  Why do I keep worrying?  My dad is a complete rockstar (as my sister says).  He never gets sick.  But I guess it always happens to the ones that never get sick. 

I will continue to update about this and my pregnancy updates will return!  I promise!  I am no longer on hiatus.  I have returned.