Monday, April 16, 2012

Love Letter to Motherhood

I was reading one of my favorite websites, Babble, and I saw this...

.."What is motherhood but the very best chance to learn what you are made of? It will strip you down to nothing. Make you doubt yourself a thousand times. And it will make you roar with a fierceness you’ve never before seen. It will search your heart for your greatest fears and the bravest of all your intentions and set them out on display.

It breaks you. It saves you. It steals the girl you were. All of her. You’ll never sleep like her or be as carefree as she once was, but she’d never believe the courage or the selflessness she’ll one day possess in you. Motherhood replaces her with someone who understands love on a level the girl you were never could.

It’s okay to sometimes wish you could go back and live a day in her shoes. A day to bask in the decadence of irresponsibility. But if she could look forward: If she could see herself tested, how her fears have been faced, how the question “Am I strong enough to survive this?” is answered with a resounding yes, time after time. She’d feel damn proud to become the woman that awaits her..."

I couldn't help but share.  It speaks the truth.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Moans

If you're a parent, you all know the joys of teething.  Teething sucks.  Period. 

                                                             (source -

As you can see, it has only begun for my little man.  Both of his central incisors on the bottom popped up on Christmas day.  For some reason, it wasn't too bad. 

But now, his top two are trying to cut through and it has been pure hell.  You get to this point when they are screaming you just don't know what to do.  You feel helpless.  I'm not too big on using Orajel, because of the Benzocaine.  I've used tylenol, ibproufen, teething tablets, and teething gel (hyland's brand).  I'm not looking forward to the coming months with this whole teething process. 

Since I'm on the subject of teething, I might as well talk about sleep.  He's been gradually getting better.  He still wakes up for one nighttime feeding.  I'm trying to slowly wean him off of that. 

Allergies are kicking my ass. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Under Construction

I'm TRYING my hardest to come up with a new look myself in Photoshop.  I'm bothered by the fact that I will not post something until I find a way to revamp my blog.  I want a look that I fall in love with.  Photoshop has taken my time right now.  Sooo, hopefully we'll get this figured out soon and we will have a new look..