Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Moans

If you're a parent, you all know the joys of teething.  Teething sucks.  Period. 

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As you can see, it has only begun for my little man.  Both of his central incisors on the bottom popped up on Christmas day.  For some reason, it wasn't too bad. 

But now, his top two are trying to cut through and it has been pure hell.  You get to this point when they are screaming you just don't know what to do.  You feel helpless.  I'm not too big on using Orajel, because of the Benzocaine.  I've used tylenol, ibproufen, teething tablets, and teething gel (hyland's brand).  I'm not looking forward to the coming months with this whole teething process. 

Since I'm on the subject of teething, I might as well talk about sleep.  He's been gradually getting better.  He still wakes up for one nighttime feeding.  I'm trying to slowly wean him off of that. 

Allergies are kicking my ass. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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