Friday, May 20, 2011


Our sweet precious Lilly's surgery was this morning.  She had her tonsils, adnoids, and tubes put in her ears.  This was taken on the way to the surgery center...
Lookin' like know worries here!

We woke up about 7AM this morning and we had to be there about 8:15.  They took her back around 9:15.  Of course she got stickers, coloring books, etc.  She even had her best two stuffed animal pals with her!  She was still in good spirits at this point.  
She just looked too sweet with the hospital gown on her!  So so precious!  They finally took her back into surgery around 9:30-9:45 this morning.  After waiting about an hour, we were able to see our precious girl!  She did so so so good!  She was so brave!  When we got into recovery she was asleep.  They woke her up to give her something to drink and some pain meds.  It was a little scary at first, because I don't think she realized how bad her throat hurt.  They finally let us go home around 11:30 this morning.
Our sweet angel asleep in my lap on the way home!  She slept most of the day and we kept giving her gatorade.  She has done so so so so so well with recovering!  She finally woke up around 6ish and stayed up for a little while.  She had her second dose of meds around 8:30 this evening.  She was able to eat a little bit of ice cream and she is still drinking her gatorade.  She was even talking!  We are just so blessed that she had a wonderful surgery!  I hope everything continues to go well and keep our Lilly bug in your prayers!

On another note.. I got a good laugh out of her by doing this to Eddie.  He's wearing her hospital hat that she had on for surgery...

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