Friday, October 21, 2011


I don't want to jinx anything.. BUT the past two nights Brady has slept through the night!  We have been on working on a nighttime routine ever since he's been home from the hospital.

I usually start getting him ready for bed around 10.  We have bath time every night.  Even if it's just lounging in the tub!

After bath, I get him dried off and get his pajamas on.  

Depending on what time he ate last, he will have a bedtime bottle.  Then, I lay him down in his rock n play.  I give him his binky and his blanket and he's out.  BUT there are a few things he likes at bedtime.  He LOVES to have his seahorse on and his sleep sheep.

I don't know what we would do without these two things!  They have been wonderful!  I highly recommend BOTH!

I have known about PraiseBaby and it is wonderful!  Brady will fall asleep to it and sleep so peaceful.  At least, I think so anyway.  I've just recently discovered ROCKABYE BABY.  I LOVE the Coldplay one!  You should go check both of those out! :)

Last, but not least.. I leave you with this precious face..


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