Friday, November 18, 2011

Catch Up & Sniffles

It's been awhile since I have posted.  My computer is still in a funk.  Unfortunately, this will be a picture free post.  I have taken some of the cutest pictures this past month too!  Guess I will give you all an overload soon!

Brady turned 2 months old on October 30.  He had the dreaded shots.  Of course he screamed and it broke my heart.  All he did after his shots was sleep.  Ever since he has had his shots, he hasn't been sleeping good at night.  He has the periods where he will sleep for 30 minutes and then wake up screaming his head off for 2 hours.  I'm hoping that this will get better soon!  He's also got a really bad cold right now and he is so stopped up!  I've been sucking snot out of his nose for the past few days.  His appetite has been crappy.  He'll only take about 2 ounces at every feeding.  I took him to the doctor this morning, and they said just a bad cold.  Hopefully he will be better soon!

If all goes well, we will probably be moving in less than a month.  This will probably be very stressful because of the holidays. 

Lilly is still doing wonderful in kindergarten.  We had a parent-teacher conference a couple of weeks ago and her teacher couldn't stop boasting about her.  We are so very proud of her.  She always wants to come home and do her homework first thing.  That might last the first few years of school. ;)  I was the same way about kindergarten, but of course as soon as the 'real' homework came along, I dreaded it.  Lilly has also been wanting to help out more with Brady.  This makes me happy.  I know it has been a hard transition for her to have another sibling around.

I'm not sure what we're planning on doing about Christmas.  I know Brady will get a few things and Lilly, of course, will get a lot too.  I know Brady is too little to understand it, but I still want him to have a good Christmas.  And I'm sure both of our babies will have a wonderful Christmas. 

I keep wanting to use all of my ideas on Pinterest, but I haven't.  I hope I will get around to it one of these days.  I have so many recipes I would like to try, but both Brad and Lilly are so picky!  I, on the other hand, will eat just about anything!  I have so many organization ideas I would like to do to get organized.  I might wait on that until we move. 

I've lost 30lbs of baby weight.  I still want to lose about 30 more.  I gained 50 throughout my pregnancy.  I feel so uncomfortable with myself.  I'm trying to get out of this baby funk I'm in.  Some days I will just be in a blah mood and sometimes it's really hard to get out of.

I hate to say it, but I'm ready to go back to work.  Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE staying at home with Lilly and Brady, but for my sanity.. I need to go back to work. 

I feel like I have just rambled on and on.. Hopefully I can get some pictures posted soon!


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